WORK FROM HOME - Hotel PBX Operator / Guest Services Agent / Data Entry & Inbox Management Specialist / Reservations Agent

  • Company: Tyme Global
  • Job Location: Korea (Republic of)
  • Date: October 14, 2019 12:10
  • Employment Type: Any
  • Experience: Any
  • Job Functions:


Job summary

- WORK FROM HOME - anywhere in the world
- Looking for hard working people to build a team of members who will fill 7:00am to 12:00am (New York USA time), 7 days a week.
- MINIMUM of 30 hours per week, maximum of 40 hours per week, per person (please DO NOT apply if you cannot offer 30 hours or more).
- Native English a must, or as close to perfect English a must.
- American culture, language, understanding, and background a must.

Job description

We are looking for a variety of positions including Hotel PBX Operator / Guest Services Agent / Data Entry & Inbox Management Specialist / Reservations Agent, to add to our teams, with the focus on working with many of our current hotels and their additional needs. 

- To answer phone calls as PBX Operators and Guest Service Agents
- To answer phone calls as a Hotel Reservation Agent
- To enter reservation data into hotel's Property Management System
- To manage guest facing Email Inboxes, answering emails and corresponding back and forth with guests.
- Speaking clearly with a bubbly, strong, and confident voice.
- Being friendly, warm, intuitive, anticipatory and interactive with potential and existing hotel guests.
- Use correct verbiage and procedures for the hotels.

Job qualifications

- 3 references and contact details, required from previous jobs.
- This position will be work from home, working with American Hotels.
- Your own computer / laptop is a must.
- 2nd monitor is a must.
- Good Headset is a must.

Minimum Computer Requirements:
- Screen at least 13", recommended 15"
- VGA or HDMI port (for 2nd screen / external monitor)
- CPU - Intel / AMD - at least 2GHz
- RAM - at least 2GB
- Hard Drive - SSD (solid State) or SATA (not solid state)
- 2GB free disk space minimum / No more than 80% full
- Operating System: Windows, MacOS or Chromebook

- Some local public holidays will be required to work, as our customer hotels are 24/7.
- A quiet and uninterrupted place of work is required and not negotiable.

Education and Experience:
- High School Diploma (or equivalent) qualifications.
- Experience in related fields are nice to have but not required.

- Excellent verbal communication skills and etiquette.
- Excellent written communication skills and etiquette
- Good computer skills and tech savy.
- Attention to detail: Please mention the word "geronimo" somewhere in your application for this job.
- Top end customer service skills
- Interview to be conducted via Skype. NO camera needed (if not wanted) - just voice is fine.
- Please also mention your skype username in your application for this job.
- Please send all applications to (Please contact us using the "Apply for this Job Posting" box below)

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